Set-up of the website

The most popular hearing aid for patients with sensorineural hearing loss is the behind- the- ear device. However, such devices cannot be used effectively in patients with external otitis, running ears or atresia of the ear canal. Bone conduction devices might be applied, but bone conduction is not efficient at all. Therefore, powerful amplifiers are needed, or other new solutions. Hakansson et al developed a more effective, percutaneous bone conductor and Colletti et al coupled an active middle ear implant directly to the cochlea. These and other new developments are discussed in 10 chapters on this website, using (relatively) hard data.

The role of enthusiastic clinicians

As soon as a new auditory implant is released, several audiologists and clinicians start up enthusiastically. If successful, or not really unsuccessful, results are published. In case of problems, a report might not be submitted or with a significant delay, which might lead to incomplete and biased literature data. Therefore, this website also presents blogs which critically discuss recent publications, see the overview below.


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